Space scientist Monica Grandy: Earth-like marine life in Europa's sea

Space scientist Monica Grandy: Earth-like marine life in Europa's sea

Recently a space scientist has said about Jupiter's moon Europa, that there is definitely life on it and I can bet on it, is it really Jupiter's life on Moon Europa?

In 2013 there was a science fiction film called "Europa Report" that showed a team of future space explorers cold water under the icy outer cover of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Now a leading space scientist says that we must essentially find life in the moon of Europa

When we think about the possibility of life on any other planet in our solar system, then there is an almost certain race that there is life under ice on Europa.

This would say Monica Grady, a professor of planetary and space sciences as well as the latest chancellor at Liverpool Hope University in the UK.

And he also said that if there is going to be life on Mars, then it is going to be below the surface of the planet, you can be safe from solar radiation. And this means that the amount of ice left in the holes of the rocks

Monica Grady said Mars is complex but Jupiter's moon Europa has invaluable money "water" and certainly there is a lot of potential for life in it. I think we have some high life on Europa

Snowball Europa 's observation suggests that the water below the surface is salty and probably heated by hydrothermal vents, creating a good mixture of conditions for life.

NASA is preparing to send a new mission, named Europa Clipper, to search for life on this frozen satellite of Jupiter. If we talk about Mars, where we can see many rovers

But Monica Grandy cannot bet on Mars for a very complex life. They do not think anything other than bacteria can be found on Mars.

She says. I am absolutely sure that the moons of Jupiter are creatures of our level on Europa.

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